2019 MBRA Road Race Series


A 5 race series for individual riders and teams.

We have 5 exciting races, including 2 state championship races and a PRT event, who stepped up to create our series this year. Once again we will offer prize money for the top categories and jerseys to winners of each category.

All races feature experienced race directors with experience hosting quality events.

The scoring in 2019 will be a points series format with the highest total points across the 5 races.

Prizes - Top 3 in the Cat 1/2/3 category , $250/$150/$100, then jerseys to all category winners

Thanks to the race promoters for their participation and our sponsors, Velofix Detroit and VIE13. Make sure to pre-register for all events in 2019 and help support Michigan racing!

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The Races...

June 1 - The Waterford Races

June 29 - Port City Criterium

July 13 - Detroit Cycling Championships

August 3 - Cherry Roubaix Road Race

August 25 - Debaets Devos Criterium




  • Cat 1/2/3

  • Cat 3/4

  • Cat 4/5

  • Masters 35+

  • Masters 45+

  • Masters 55+


  • Cat 1/2/3

  • Cat 4/5

  • Masters 45+


  • 9-13

  • 14-18



Each event will be scored according to the same points schedule:

1st – 100
2nd – 80
3rd – 70
4th – 60
5th – 50
6th – 45
7th – 40
8th – 35
9th – 30
10th – 30
11th-15th - 25
16th-20th - 10

Ties are broken by number of 1st place finishes, then 2nd, 3rd, etc.
Scoring is based on the official results, changes will not be made after protest period has ended.
Points are not transferable across categories in the event of an upgrade

Team Scoring

Scoring will be the total points earned by team members across all categories. The team with the most points on a race day will ‘win’ the day and each race day will be scored according to the same individual scoring table.

To score points for their team, riders must register under their team name so that their affiliation can be identified in the results.

Each rider is responsible for ensuring they have properly registered their affiliation when signing up for events, corrections will not be made once results are posted.
Minor variations in registered team names will be accepted, as long as they are easily identified by the scorer in the results (eg “02 Cadieux, 02, Team 02 or Wolverine Sports Club, Wolverines Cycling”)

If a rider changes teams mid season any previously earned points will remain with the original team, any future points will apply to their new team.
Series completion bonus points will apply toward the team total.

2019 Standings

The standings for the 2019 MBRA Road Race Series are tallied up after each race in the series has taken place.

The standings so far can be found in the current results spreadsheet. (Updated August 21)


2018 Results

Thanks to everyone for your participation in Michigan races this year.  It was a great season of road racing and based on the final results of the Road Race Series presented by KOMZ, there was lots of close finishes.  The winners in each division will be receiving a free jersey from VIE 13!  We are also happy to announce the men's and women's Category 1/2/3 winners who will be splitting $500 each!!  The podiums for each are:


     Women's 1/2/3                               Men's 1/2/3

1 - Elaine Sheikh                                  Alex Tenelshof

2 - Melissa Seymour                            Sam Junge

3 - Emily Elrich                                     Cory Stange 


Congrats to Cory Stange who also made to every series race!


Send your address to mbrapres@gmail.com and we will get your prize money in the mail.  

For Jersey winners, please send us your preferred size and we will get the order going.  Thanks and congrats to all!

The final 2018 results spreadsheet