Pre-Registration Drawings


So what's this about pre-registration drawings?

To encourage racers to register early for events, each week we give a prize to a pre-registered racer.  Each race registration will be an entry.  Registered for 3 races at an event? You will have three entries that can win.  Only pre-registrations will count, we won't be retrieving day-of registrations from promoters to add to the list.  Any race at any of the events listed on our Road page will count, including clinics and training races.  Prizes will be drawn weekly.  So if you register four weeks early, that's four more chances to win.  At the end of the season there will be a big season prize with all the entries thrown back in.

The program will start at the beginning of April.  All pre-registrations before that date will be counted as entries in the drawings.

So remember: register early, and register often.


Entries for the drawings can be gotten one way: pre-registering for a race. Each registration (for instance: Port City Criterium, Men’s Cat 4/5) counts as one entry. Registering for other races at the same event (Port City Crit, Men’s 3/4 and Port City Crit, Masters 45+) also each count as one entry a piece.

Drawings will be done from an up-to-date list of all pre-registrations for all eligible events.

There will be three types of drawing:

  • Weekly - these will be drawn once a week and announced online. Once a particular entry has won, it will be removed from the list of eligible Weekly entries, but remain in the Monthly and Season lists.

  • Monthly - these will be drawn once a month (at the same time as the corresponding Weekly drawing). Once a particular entry has won, it will be removed from the list of eligible Monthly entries, but remain in the Weekly and Season lists.

  • Season - this will be drawn at the end of the season, every pre-registration entry from the entire season is eligible to win.


Stay tuned for details about prizes coming up soon!

Prize Pickup

We will do our best to have an MBRA representative at as many races as possible with the prizes for designated winners. We’ll be in touch with winners to try to coordinate this.