Road Race Series Update

With the Port City Criterium behind us, we now have two races in the 2019 MBRA Road Race Series complete. That means we have series standings to share with you!

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For The Detroit Cycling Championships we will have a unique scoring plan to accommodate the race categories at the event. We are excited to have a Pro Road Tour event as part of the series and hope everyone understands the need for an exception. For this race alone, points will be awarded based on the number of racers finishing behind you in a race. This allows the best way to combine certain categories. Categories will be combined as follows:

Men 1/2/3 = combination of Cat 1 and Cat 2/3 races

Men 3/4 = Men Cat 3 race with possible move of Cat 4 results from 4/5 race

Men 4/5 = Men 4/5

Masters 35/45/55 = One result from either the 35+ or 50+ races

Women 1/2/3 = W 1/2 + Women 3’s from the 3/4/5 race

Women 4/5 = Women 3/4/5

Women 45+ = Women 3/4/5