Special Meeting/Save the Date

Updated 7/8/2017:  MBRA will be holding a special meeting on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at the CyclingLawyer.com Crit to discuss and plan the election.  Members of the community are invited to attend and provide public comment.  Clubs, race promoters and members of the community who are eligible to vote on these matters should have already received this message via email as well.  The meeting will be delayed 1 hour since our last email so that it starts after the juniors race - we want everyone that wants to participate to be able to voice their concerns.  

5:30 PM - Introduction and Sign-in  
5:45 PM - Review of Voter Roll
   We will review and determine which clubs, race directors, and officials are eligible to vote.
6:00 PM - Discussion and Voting to Approve Bylaws
   Two concurrent sets of bylaws exist - we need to choose one set by which the organization will abide. 
6:15 PM - Discussion and Voting to set date for Officer Elections
    After consultation with USA Cycling and the MBRA Board the final Officer Elections will take place online.
6:30 PM - Close of Meeting

WMed Innovation Center
4717 Campus Drive
Kalamazoo MI 49008


At the meeting, MBRA will be soliciting for the following executive board positions: President, VP, Treasurer\Secretary.  You must be a Michigan resident and USA Cycling License Holder to run for a position.  All executive board members are required to call in to MBRA board meetings (approximately 1 per month) and special events.  Please consider volunteering your time to support bicycle racing in Michigan.

To apply or nominate someone for one of these positions please contact Harvey Elliott (exec.mbra@gmail.com) and/or Larry Martin (lmartin@usacycling.org)- each candidate must provide the following information by August 1, 2017.

 Position you are running for:
 City of Residence: 
 Experience (event promoter, racer, official, etc.):
 Platform/Why you’re running (please limit to 250 words or less):

Please submit your application by 11:59pm on August 1st or plan to attend the meeting in person!

Vacant Officer Positions

President / Executive Director – Responsible for all aspects of MBRA. Duties will consist of, but not be limited to: setting the budget, coordinating the calendar with promoters, negotiating date disputes, enforcing USA Cycling rules, appointing committees and/or special positions, acting as a liaison between clubs and governing body representatives when necessary, and seeking new ways to improve amateur cycling in Michigan.  Schedules annual meeting, monthly Executive Board meetings, and coordinates call-in details.  Represents Michigan on the USA Cycling LA Calls.

Vice President – Duties will consist of assisting the Executive Director with the leadership responsibilities of MBRA and assuming the duties of the Executive Director in the Executive Director’s absence, removal or early resignation.

Secretary/Treasurer – Duties will consist of recording the minutes of MBRA meetings, recording the results of votes taken at meetings and online, Additionally, the Secretary will be responsible for the safekeeping and storing of MBRA documents. Responsible for managing the funds of MBRA, responsible for paying MBRA bills incurred and keeping a detailed transaction report and provide it to member clubs upon request.

Once created, the new board will schedule elections for the additional officers: Director of Officials, Director of Women's Racing, and Director of Junior Development.


A preliminary vote to set the rules and date of the officer elections will take place at the July 8th meeting.  Each USA Cycling Club (which has hosted or co-hosted an event), Race Promoter, and Official shall receive 1 vote for each roll.  Invitations to vote will be sent out via email to eligible voters the week of August 1st.  Please review the list of eligible voters by 11:59PM on August 1, 2017.  Voters may assign a proxy to vote in their stead.  For corrections or to assign a proxy please email Harvey Elliott (exec.mbra@gmail.com) and/or Larry Martin (lmartin@usacycling.org).  

To be counted, all votes must be received by 11:59pm on Friday, September 1st.