What is Gravel Racing?

Gravel racing is nothing new, but it is experiencing a huge surge in popularity here in the US and Michigan in particular! We have more than 30,000 miles of unpaved rural roads here in Michigan and the surface of these roads varies greatly—from hardpacked dirt to fist-sized gravel and everything in between. Dirt, crushed limestone, sand, they’re all very different to ride on. Perhaps it’s the variety of substrates that makes defining what exactly a “gravel race” is so difficult. Depending on where you live, the unpaved roads may be as smooth as asphalt, or more treacherous than your local trails.  Really, the best definition we can come up with is to say that gravel racing is a lot like endurance racing, but with a little extra dose of adventure built in.


Michigan Gravel Race Series 

Sunday, March 19th, Melting Mann hosted by Newton Timing 

Saturday, March 25th, Barry-Roubaix hosted by Kisscross Events 

Saturday, April 8th, The Lowell 50 hosted by Chain Reaction Sports, LLC 

Saturday, April 22th, The Hellkaat Hundie hosted by JDRF 

Sunday, July 23rd, The Divide hosted by Hard Racing Events 

Saturday, September 2nd, Cannonsburg Double Trouble 

Sunday, September 10th, Uncle John's Dirty Ride hosted by CFT-Sinas Dramis Law 

Saturday, September 16th, Lord of the Springs hosted by West Michigan Bike and Fitness

Saturday, October 7th, Michigan Mountain Mayhem Gravel Grinder 


Other Gravel Races

Saturday, March 18th, Waterloo Grit & Gravel hosted by Epic Races 

Sunday, April 30th, Paris Ancaster 

Sunday, May 20th, Arcadia Grit and Gravel 

Saturday, June 3rd, Hiawatha's Revenge 

Saturday, June 10th, Sturgeon 100 

Saturday, September 16, Lord of the Springs hosted by Michigan Adventure Racing

Saturday, October 14th Dirt Road Derby hosted by Main Street Bicycles 

Saturday, October 28th, The Lowell 50 hosted by Chain Reaction Sports, LLC


2018 Calendar

Saturday, May 12th, Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder hosted by West Michigan Bike and Fitness


For events from all types riding, see our consolidated calendar.