What is a Gran Fondo?

The term "Fondo" usually encompasses a mass start endurance races, with riders taking the challenge on as a personal battle against their own limitations, and ultimately that of the clock. While riders do still ride in packs, these are formed along the way and not divided by license category. These events are designed to provide both competitive and experiential elements for both professional and recreational cyclists and so they're usually in stunning locations with great routes. Participation numbers can range from several hundred to several thousand riders!


Fondos and Fun Rides

Saturday, May 13th, Ride Around Kent County & Tour de Grand Haven

Sunday, May 14th, Spring Back 40

Saturday, June 3rd, 100 Grand

Saturday, June 17th, Michigan Mountain Mayhem Spring Classic 

Saturday, June 24th, MSU Gran Fondo 

Saturday, July 8th, Black Bear Gran Fondo & One Helluva Ride

Saturday, July 15th, Holland 100

Saturday, August 5th, Cherry Roubaix Gran Fondo 

Saturday, August 12th, One Day Ride Across Michigan (ODRAM)

Saturday, August 19th, Maple Leaf 

Saturday, August 26th, Big Bear Butt Cruise 

Saturday, September 16th, Pedal the Provinces 

Saturday, October 14th, Colorburst 



June 15th - June 18th, Sunrise Adventure Tour hosted by the League of Michigan Bicyclists

July 9th - July 15th, Michigan's Upper Peninsula Tour hosted by the League of Michigan Bicyclists

August 5th - August 12th, Shoreline West Tour hosted by the League of Michigan Bicyclists 

August 30th - September 3rd, DALMAC hosted by Tri-County Bicycle Association 


For events from all types riding, see our consolidated calendar.